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Thursday, December 23, 2010

wendy's favorite gadget

The Down-Home Holiday Guide to Kitchen Gadgets
"Maybe it’s because I got it from a Welcome Wagon Lady many years ago..." 
Wendy's essential Sockarooni Sauce jar openerOut of a deep drawer full of assorted gadgets (including some with still-unknown identities), there’s one that I’ve never been able to part with, through multiple kitchen purgings…my yellow rubber Am Pro Jar-Opener.
Maybe it’s because I got it from a Welcome Wagon Lady when I moved into my house many years ago (do Welcome Wagons exist anymore, even in Ohio?) Mostly, though, it’s just darn handy…reliably helps me get a grip when I need it the most.
Some culinary purists might argue that a floppy rubber disk doesn’t qualify as a true kitchen gadget. But as one who shamelessly uses Newman’s Own Sockarooni Sauce as an essential ingredient for home-made chili, it’s been a meal prep lifesaver.
I’ve attempted to upgrade my jar opening image: acquired a more impressive tool from my mother in law’s old kitchen.
I even bought a still-unopened package of shiny new Progressive Grips (can jars really be politically liberal?)
But despite being torn up and slightly grimy, my Am Pro original has prevailed.

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